What is the story behind lucia?
Why is she here?

Move with arrows, close dialogues with enter.

Game developed for the Mini Jam 8.
Theme was fantasy, restriction was only one room.
Art heavily based in previous art by Arks.
Font BitPotion by Joeb Rogers.

I got a bit ambitious, so this is mostly a work in progress.
Another version will be uploaded when
the game is finished outside of the jam.


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I like the game but Ithink music would make it even better.

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dialogues O_O

It would be cool if they appeared as a bit smaller text beneath the Lucia, and didn't block the movement. Also some music and SFX would be cool. I recommend using Jukedeck for music (generate ambient music like this in 1 click) and using something like rFXGen for 8-bit-ish sound effects. Btw that's what helped create sounds and music for my entry :3

At this point, the story of Lucia is short and uncertain, though intriguing and quite atmospheric. I hope you will continue this game!

Thank you so much!

Yeah, i got very ambitious and I could not finish in time what I was planning, so I just uploaded what I could do in that 72 hours. Music and audio are very important for what I have in mind but I was very short on time at the end. 

Jukedeck is incredible, I didn't know about it. I will surely check it out.

I enjoyed this. Nice job!